Welcome to the Yalla Arabi GCSE/IGCSE/CEFR B1 Arabic as a foreign language digital book!

KS3 & KS4
Suitable for In-class and online teaching.
Meet the team
Project Founder, Author & Designer
Luma Hammed BEd (Univesrity of Baghdad), PGCE, MA (Goldsmiths, Univesrity of London)
Her passion in teaching Arabic and German at schools in the UK was the starting point to think about this ground-breaking curriculum. She strongly believes that Arabic is a beautiful and rich language and it should be delivered.In a fun way for the learner.
Her work on 'Creativity' and 'Multilingual Digital Storytelling' with Goldsmiths, University of London, inspired her to merge these skills to present the Arab culture to learners creatively.
Her experience as principal examiner at Cambridge University Press Assessment and approach in teaching Arabic, for non-natives, enriched learners' experience and provided them with lifelong skills for the future.
She believes that Yalla Alabi is the best tool to achieve this target and she would like to invite all schools and learners to adopt it in their curriculum.
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  • Language in Art and the Work of Ali Omar Ermes. 2018, London: Goldsmiths, University of London.
  • Visual Art in the Arabic Language Classroom Resources for the Classroom, teacher professional development and research publication. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, 2019.
  • Yalla Arabi GCSE/IGCSE digital book, UK. (In process).
Reem Abdelhadi (Yalla Arabi language consultant & proof-reader)
She grew up in Palestine and came to school in England as a teenager. She has a postgraduate diploma from LSE in Social Psychology and an MA from Leicester University in Mass Communications. Reem has been teaching Arabic continuously to Arab and non-Arabs for 20 years to a range of students; aged between 3 - 75.
She has been working for Pearson Education/Edexcel and Cambridge University Press & Assessment in various capacities for over 5 years.
Reem is bilingual and bicultural, and has a long experience as a translator.
She has extensive knowledge of literature and culture from various parts of the world, which support the cultural aspect of this book.
Shadi Dawoud (Yalla Arabi language consultant & proof-reader)
He is a Principal Examiner for A-Level Arabic at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, with involvement in exam setting, vetting, proof-reading and marking. He is one of the 0-level setters and also one of the IGCSE markers. He is also a sessional lecturer and exam moderator for Arabic at the Unversity of Reading and has 15 years of experience as an educator.
His initial schooling was in Palestine. Thereafter, he graduated with a Master's degree in Intemational Relations at Krakow University in Poland. After completing his studies in Poland, he joined the Faculty of Arabic Literature at AL-Quds Open University, Palestine.
Currently, he teaches students of both Arab and non-Arab backgrounds in the UK at various levels.