Welcome to the Yalla Arabi GCSE/IGCSE/CEFR B1 Arabic as a foreign language digital book!

KS3 & KS4
Suitable for In-class and online teaching.
The Book's Digital Features
Learn key vocabulary interactively. In each topic area, you can listen to the vocabulary and then test your understanding through a game.
Sentence builders for each topic to support differentiation and more exciting activities.
Listening tasks, worksheets and task answers for all activities.
Exploring culture and literature through fun activities and video clips of films, songs and traditional events.
Pre tasks and Post tasks before each exercise to boost learners' confidence to answer questions.
Evaluation sheets that allow learners to develop self-reflection and independent progress.
Ready to use differentiated content for teachers and learners that saves time. This covers the four language skills for beginner/intermediate and higher level. It also offers a grammer box and hint boxes to support students.
And Much More !
Why Yalla Arabi?
Innovative Learning Method
Yalla Arabi Is a new innovative Arabic language curriculum for schools that transforms the way students learn Arabic. The curriculum engages students in fun and effective activities. It is designed to help all students to thrive and offers the necessary tools to help teachers to teach effectively and creatively both in the classroom and/or online.

Who is Yalla Arabi for?
Yalia Arabi is most suitable for learners who are able to read and write Arabic script and have basic prior knowledge in the key language topic at any stage. It provides a solid foundation to teach/learn language skills and subject knowledge need for:
  • GCSE (9-1)
  • B2 (CEFR)
Each theme covers 48 hours of study for non-native speakers.
*Times vary for students with Arabic bacground.

Yalla Arabi's Content
Yalla Arabi is a comprehensive curriculum for Arabic as a foreign language that offers the following tool to teachers and learners at school, home and online.
  • Differentiated foundation and higher-level activities across all language skills that enable students to apply language in different contexts.
  • Steps to acquire essential skills for learners, such as translation and understanding authentic and literary texts.
  • Scaffolded progression with a communicative approach that help learners to develop their knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and culture.
  • Activities that immerse in the rich Arab culture, heritage and customs through a holistic, intercultural and creative approach.
Special thanks to Mrs Shahnaz Nawaz to whom we are grateful for supporting this project. We also wish to express our thanks to all educators who helped in shaping the 'Yalla Arabi' book.